The Arts and Crafts of
Richard Woodgate

Most of Richard’s work is inspired by our wonderful and varied landscapes and wildlife.

From mist shrouded Dartmoor tors to wooded valleys, rivers and coastlines, Richard is never short of new subjects to paint.

Watercolours are painted in the’English tradition’ using washes of vibrant colours onto handmade watercolour paper and allowing the colours to run and mix on the paper, creating effects that only watercolours can do.

Richard’s acrylic paintings tend to be more detailed, creating a more ‘lifelike’ quality to his work. Wildlife subjects in particular lend themselves to this approach, as do more detailed landscapes.

Richard mounts and frames his finished paintings, choosing quality materials that complement the image.

He also enjoys the creative process of working with wood. He uses native hardwood timbers such as oak, elm, yew and hazel to produce various items. These range from quirky carvings of green men to simple platters, clocks, vases, lamps and boxes.
Each piece is hand carved to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and is finished using natural oils and waxes.
Richard is always happy to discuss his work and to offer more information into his creative process.

By not restricting himself to any one particular style, medium or subject, Richard hopes that his work will continue to evolve and stay ‘fresh’. His main problem, with such a wealth of subject matter, is finding enough time to commit all his ideas to paper, canvas or wood.

Above all, what Richard hopes, is that whoever purchases his work, will get just as much pleasure from owning an original piece of his artwork as he did from painting or carving it.